First, let us inform you about our 2 Mills – Janata Jute Mills Ltd & Sadat Jute Industries Ltd – which combined together, is the largest manufacturer & exporter of Jute products in the private sector in Bangladesh. Our exports of yarn is approx. 32,000 metric tons/annum at present. In addition, we manufacture approx. 17,000 metric tons/annum of woven and other products. During the last 23 years, our Mills have received the National Export Award on 20 occasions, in addition to various other National & International awards.
Furthermore, we have been closely working with Van de Wiele from the 1980s, leading to our intimate partnership with them on the development of their Looms. We have been their research partners during development of the CRM, CRT, CRX, CRP, RCI & the latest RCE looms, which were launched in ITMA Milan in November 2015. In addition, we have partnered with Schonherr also.

Now to our mode of operation. Our philosophy, from the very inception, has always been to ensure that once we confirm a sale, our esteemed Buyers can go to sleep as we are awake to fulfil the contract. It is our utmost priority to ensure the best quality – both for the goods & the service – to keep our valued customers satisfied. Being able to deliver what we promise is a reputation we have worked hard to earn!
We would take this opportunity to humbly thank all the stakeholders involved in our operations for contributing to our success. We acknowledge the fact that without everybody’s support – Buyers, Employees, Banks & Insurers among others – this success would not have been possible.